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Founded in 2005 by misslawn, HELLZ BELLZ A CRIME FOR ALL SEASONS aka HELLZ BELLZ is a New York Based Label that caters to street savvy females who continue to live life hard and fast & understand that individuality is key. With a consistent theme of questioning society and authority, HELLZ BELLZ takes inspiration from all facets of underground culture, aiming toward empowered females who push the envelope and speak their minds.
Person 1: Kinda top u wearing girlfriend?
Person 2: Nuttin but Hellz Bellz
by catla97 October 20, 2008
Derivation from "hell, Yes!", this saying expresses agreement with either a speaker or an ongoing situation. Often said in a conversation where an affirmative response is desired.
Person A: Anyone want to go to the bar and have grab some drinks?

Person B: Hellz Bellz! I've been looking forward to it all week.
by AcademyKP March 02, 2010
Getting bad gas after eating gratitoutous amounts of Taco Bell.
Yesterday, I ate 2O tacos and 12 chalupas from Taco Bell, and later in the day had a case of hellz bellz.
by Chaz A. Wilder July 10, 2008
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