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Not originated by the Animaniacs, this was a running gag in vaudeville... a catcall to call attention to a fine looking individual passing by.
*scantily clad curvaceous person sashays into line of sight*

"Hello Nurse!"

or more appropriately

"Helllloooooo, Nurse!"
by djtonyb August 06, 2009
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Derived from Animaniacs, a person who is so visually appealing to all that you must draw attention to them by saying "hellloooo nurse".
**walking down the street when the hottest looking guy ever walks past you, you whistle appreciatively, turn to your friend and say "hello nurse".
by Animaniac January 31, 2004
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A New York City based pop-punk band with a unique sound.
Hello Nurse the band.
by SZenn September 08, 2006
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