Thor's rival who stole Thor's hammer and makes fun of said norse god by calling him "Thor the Whore". A carpenter in/from the pits of Hell. The alter-ego of one Kooter Ray Cyrus. Also known to be drummer for the infamous metal band known as Mayhem.
Hell Hammer: Hey man, I'm hammering Hell!!!
by Curtis "G. G. Allen" Lovejoy August 09, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who's amazing at a certain thing; taken from the actual drummer with the coined nickname "Hellhammer" From the Black Metal band 'Mayhem', or in the drumming world, someone who pounds the drums incredibly fast and keeps rhythm and consistancy.
"Jesus, it was over in a second, he just came up and hellhammered that punk."
by XHellhammerX May 19, 2006
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