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Hellenic religion, what are our differences from christianity and Hellenic religion? We are Religion, it is a fraud. We are Hellenic religion. We believe in Gods co-existing with the Nature, it believes in an extra terrestrial god who hates Nature. We protect Hellenism, it destroys Hellenism. We forge the Hellenic consciousness of Hellenes, it makes the Hellenes adopt jewish spirit and habits. We bring love, peace and wisdom, it brought hatred, slaughter and evil. We are in Greece, Greek
What do we want? To liberate Hellas from the dictatorship of the sect of nazarenes. To name Hellenes after ancient Hellenic names. To teach in our schools the Hellenic Religion. Respect for the Nature. To rebuild and re-function all Holy Hellenic Temples. Extension of our ideological and cultural borders. World domination of the Hellenic Spirit.
What is to be done? The Holy War never stops. We are flooded with anti-hellenic beliefs that destroy our Language, our Religion, our Civilization, our Race, our Nation. The Hellenic cultural components are banished. But Gods have not abandoned us. They shall lead the battle and they will enforce Justice until Truth shines. We shall ruthlessly crush the neo-byzantine enemies of the Nation and Hellenism. We shall banish the “orthodox” sect of nazarenes that pollutes the Hellenic Nation.
Why all these? The nazarenes must feel the same pain we feel. That is the only way they will understand us, that is the only way to stop them committing atrocious crimes against Hellenic Nation.

*nazarens = christians
The first question we make is: Do you believe in Gods? Gods - Hellenic religion

The answer: I beleive will determine the fate of the accused. That is the essence of militant Hellenism.

by Marco123 November 22, 2007
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