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A ridiculously awful shot in beer pong; *As if Hellen Keller herself just threw the pong ball*
"Damn Jimmy we're tied up one cup to one. You need to make this shot nigga, your last two have been strait Hellen Kellers for sure!"
by Ninja John Jimmy Bones July 25, 2006
34 72
When a guy cums on a girls eyes and inside her ear and lets it dry so she can not see or hear. Then he must get head and have her mummble.
It really turns me on when katie mummbles while she gives me a Hellen Keller
by King Shawn October 23, 2006
22 73
When you cum on a girls eyes and ears, then you blowdry it, then fuck her as she squirms around and screams
When my bitch was acting all crazy, i hellen kellered her and then we made some sweet whoopi.
by Tim Amazing October 24, 2007
25 80
When a girl gives you a blowjob and right before you cum you take you dick out fo her mouth and you cum in her eyes and in her ears. Then, you blindfold her until the cum drys.
Last night this girl bit my dick so i gave her a Hellen Keller.
by robert and connor February 03, 2008
17 74