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Me: Man New York is such a hell hole man
Bitch who loves ny: Shut up redneck, youre just jealous of its superiority!
Me: Oh really? How is it better?
Bitch: Uhhhhhh, because it has alot of people!!
Me: Whatever bitch, go back to new york and ill spend some time in the best place on earth. Texas!!
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper July 27, 2009
a place otherwise known as hull a city in the north east of england that should really be bombed
see also hull
by A RATHER BITTER "ULL-ITE" April 20, 2004
My wife's 'gina
Sweet Jesus I work two jobs and she watches soap operas all day, I still don't get into her hell hole
by crappy Chris March 13, 2011
See also: Appleton, A-Town, Wisconsin
Yo dawg, I'm from A-Town and it is a hellhole.
by Stalking One May 03, 2005
My bedroom
my bedroom is a hell hole
by Justin February 13, 2004
a dirty butthole that is never cleaned and which that large poop droppings are stuck to the hair
Cinnamon should get his hellhole cleaned.
by coriannah May 14, 2007