Being in a school in which one has to listen to paranoid liberal and communist as well as occasionally democrat ramblings about how the Masons control the world and that all conservatives are really a race of Martians bent on taking away our right to buy pre-paid phone cards. When in reality all liberal/socialist teachers are in fact a race known only as the assgoblins.
"Oh god... Don't make me go to hell! No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Just then a nuclear ICBM hits Hell and explodes destroying the liberal assgoblins inside and freeing the world so us Martians can finally take away your pre-paid phone cards.
by Merchant August 07, 2005
Consider the following: Earth.
Your not living in heaven.
Life on earth is hurtful, mean, tormenting.
by Satan February 11, 2005
A place where I am going.
See you down there! I hope you realize that just about everyone is going to hell.
by SparkleyPony The Original December 17, 2004
anyplace that sucks
girl: time to return to hell.
boy: why does yours start so early again?
girl: to make it more torturous.
by hot-holton-punk December 11, 2004
A desolate dimension of pure misery populated by the souls of the damned.

aka Rio Rancho, NM
Guy 1:Hey dude, let's get on I-25 on head out to Rio.

Guy 2: sure, let's all go to Hell!
#rio rancho #satan #black metal #albuquerque #fire
by Johann von Albuquerque November 26, 2009
hell is a place the bad peaple go, and its whare i too hope some day to go, because they play rock music, goths are welcome, and you can watch the devil shove a pinapple up hitlers ass every day at 4:00
"i cant whait to die, even though ill go to hell"
#hell #heck #satan #marilyn #manson
by evil girl August 08, 2007
Hell is a rather nice place to visit, though a rather sucky one to stay... Like most vaction towns. Visitors get to look down at thoose suffering, for example being boiled alive in lakes of cat urine, and laugh. Permiment residents are the arrtactions.
I just visited hell, it was fun.
#hell #heck #hll #hck #h3ll #h3ck #h311
by Le Blue Dude March 15, 2006
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