the place where little red men giggle continously and they play Hanson all day while transvestite hippies dance around the place.
boy bands suck. I like pie. GO PIE!!!!
by GANJAMAN October 15, 2004
party central in the afterlife
fucking hell!..
hope so i was never any good at playing the harp.
A place where all the Jews will go.
Daniel Martin is going to Hell.
by Archon0925 December 01, 2009
A place that doesn't exist and was probably created around Midevil times when the church was highly corrupt (even though it kinda still is) The reasoning behind this is...If God is truly all forgiving then no one should go to Hell because there would be no need for one. Also in Midevil times a LOT of new things were added to the Bible, such as homosexuality being a sin, and so on. So in short the new testement is crap and the only thing that made some amount of sence is in the old testement. Oh and also JESUS WAS NOT ENGLISH!!! He was Jewish not christian the christian faith came AFTER his death and his last name wasn't Christ that was a title given to him after his death (Saint Christ) and also contrary to popular belief he probably didn't have long hair because at that time people with long hair were seen as homosexual. Sorry that I kinda made this definition very long and went off topic a bit...
There is no such thing as a "Hell"
by GenericPerson August 15, 2007
Mr. Cusacks Year 10 Science Class.
Dude 1: Hey man what subject you got next?
Dude 2: Oh, they got me stuck in hell for the next hour.
Dude 1: Bummer, i dont like science either.
by G-re-G February 26, 2007
burnigng fiery furnace
go to hell dammit or ill kick u down there shit wipe
by somkey ugathanki August 08, 2005
a contrived scheme about a terrible place used to scare people into believing in a god that does not exist.
hell is a lie, heaven is a lie, god is a lie.
by Magik red anus January 14, 2004

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