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This is an excellent description of most if not all peoples lives.

It originated from a play written by Jean Paul Sartre, who was at the time an existentialist. The play was named "No Exit" (1944), and was about three people trapped in a hotel room indefinitly (the afterlife) while in a love triangle in which no two people felt attraction to each other. During the last line of the play, one of the characters screams "Hell Is Other People!!!!!". It has integrated itself into popular culture's vocabulary while most of the unwashed masses never know its origin.
The annoying guy with the nail clipping habit and halatosis breath is sitting next to you in the carpool again.
by E. Haller April 20, 2004

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An expression used by people who are having difficulty acknowledging that they aren't the center of the universe
-I can't believe Joe is in my study group! Ugh!!
-hell is other people!!
by frackeyed August 16, 2011