This is a sexual act in which a male wakes up in the middle of the night to his sleeping partner and ejaculates and then finishes in his or her eyes and ears. Therefore hindering their partner deaf and blind the next morning.
"Hey Laurie the word around town is that Greg gave ya a helen Keller"

"Well I wasn't really sure who gave it. Didn't see him that good this morning"
by Tappakeggaday August 19, 2009
A Hellen Keller is when your girl is giving head, pull out at the last minute and pop a load in her eyes, then karate chop her in her windpipe.
I Helen Kellered my girl last night, thats why she's still choking, damn Helen Keller.
by Vaginal Secret October 02, 2009
When you blow a load in a chick's eye and make her go blind temporarily.
Guy: Oh shit! I just gave you a Helen Keller!
by Tlaloc November 13, 2007
Other then these stupid definitions here whatever the hell they mean, Helen Kellen was a woman who was blind and deaf since she was nineteen months of age which could have started by some kind of Scarlett fever. Annie Sullivan was the teacher to brake through her isolation, like in the movie the miracle worker which is based on her true story. She campaigned for woman's suffrage,workers' rights, and socialism. Was born June 27 1880 and lived to June 1st 1986.

Helen Keller was a great historical person and she was really blind and deaf and achieved a lot through out her life.
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 22, 2009
When a man ejaculates into both of his lovers ears and then jabs them in both eyes rendering them deaf and blind.
"Stacy what's wrong? You seem to be hard of hearing today and you keep tripping on everything."

"Derrick gave me a Helen Keller last night so i can't see or hear too well."

"You're such a twat waffle Stacy!"

by Fatchicks4me March 27, 2008
a sloppy beer pong rack.
grimace and steve playing pong in kristin's basement and the cups were set up all over the table randomly, as if Helen Keller set them up.
by NFrostie March 25, 2009
It's a shot where a bartender faces the liquor bottles and closes their eyes. They grab two random bottles and poor them into a shot.
I'm so drunk right now, I don't care what I have. Oh bar keep, get me a Helen Keller.
by Miller Time September 12, 2006

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