When one guy busts on a girls eyes, sticks his dick in her mouth, and two more guys give her ear plugs (bust in her ears simultaneously).
Mike's sister was Helen Kellered yesterday and since then she hasn't been able to see, speak, or hear.
by Jbino17 November 18, 2010
when ur getting head from a girl and u bust ur load in her eyes and ears so she cant see or hear and then you can take advantage of her the rest of the night
she was suckin the python and i jizzed in her eyes and ears and fucked her 6 times in the next half hour. Yea i Helen Kellered that bitch.
by therealtsquared December 28, 2010
A sexual act in which a male uses the hand of an unconscious (ie. deaf and blind) female to manually give himself a hand job.
I was feeling horny last night but my girlfriend was too drunk to stay awake and have sex so I just helped myself to a Helen Keller.
by fulfreez August 16, 2010
The state of awareness you assume when you are playing a first person shooter video game (i.e. Modern Warfare 2) and you take a full frontal blast from a flashbang grenade that fully blinds and deafens you, thus giving you the effect that you are "Helen Keller", aimlessly fumbling around blind and deaf to the world.
James: "Steve, to your right, shoot that guy!"

Steve: "Dude I'm 'Helen Keller'! I can't see or hear shit!"
by Casual T Shirt December 02, 2009
When you're looking for something without any idea where it is... to figure something out without conventional help.
We're lost. Want to stop and ask for directions? Nah, I'll just Helen Keller my way there.
by PepperdineLex March 22, 2007
When a guy and his wingman are doing a girl, one blows a load in her eye, and the other in her ear. The goal is twofold: to fill the ear canal with semen, and to hit her exposed eyeball with the respective cumshots. This effectively renders the girl both bind and deaf.
Bobby and I gave her the helen keller last week, and she still can't hear anything!
by manieman October 15, 2009
When you cum in both of a girls eyes and ram your cock down her throat so she has trouble speaking.
I felt like a miracle worker when I gave Sarah the Helen Keller.
by Andy Strong February 13, 2006

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