A drip coffee with 6 add shots. A coffee drink so strong, you can't see or hear anything after imbibing.
Joe: Want a red eye this morning, Bob?
Bob: Nah, give me a Helen Keller! I don't want to see or hear anything at work!!
by jibba_my_nibba November 30, 2010
Playing a FPS game with the TV turned off, therefore being unable to see or hear what's happening in the game. The term comes from a woman from the past called Helen Keller who was blind and deaf.
Black Ops was getting fucking boring last night, so I went Helen Keller.
by Arblegif February 07, 2011
When you fuck a girl stupid.
Girl: ahdaifawnfngoangagnl

Guy: I just Helen Kellered you!
by MeatWallet09 February 18, 2012
When a fine young lady climbs on top of a guy's face while he is laying down (face up, of course), straddles him and rides him like bucking bronco as he eats her pussy. he is blinded by her tummy and/or her tits as she leans over him, deaf as her thighs grip his head tightly (over his ears) and dumb since he can't talk with her wet pussy in his mouth. The act is complete when she cums in his mouth...a good slap across the face as she climbs off can also be added for good measure.
He was acting up, getting all bossy...so I Helen Keller'd him and showed him who the fuck is in charge.
by Diamond Pony February 03, 2012
Being so drunk that you can't see, hear, or make proper sentences.
"I don't think I've seen Jessica so drunk before last night"

"Yeah, she was Helen Keller for sure"
by lovefromlucyinthesky September 21, 2011
when a man receives a blow job from a woman , and before he cums he slaps both of the woman's ears and then precedes to cum in her mouth, so that she may not hear or talk.
she got helen keller'ed so hard she will never hear or talk again
by dan181 January 07, 2011
To Helen Keller something:
An act of groping blindly to identify something or someone.
Guy1: So she left early why?
Guy2: I was half asleep and hungover and didn't remember who she was, so I Helen Kellered her face, and poked her in the eye by accident.
by JohnChisom88 October 28, 2010

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