when you blindfold your partner, cum in their ears and mouth so they cant talk or hear, and then throw water on them and rub your genitals on his or her nose.
Timmy: the girl i met last night was into kinky shit so she let me helen keller her.

Mac:woah, you lucky bastard.
#earplug #deaf #blind #scooby-doo #digimon #hamtaru #kermit
by ROBert ze Mormon August 22, 2008
The act of when a man is partaking in intercourse with one of the opposite sex. The man inserts his 15 into the female's ear while gauging out her eyes. The man then exerts semen in the woman's ear causing her to go deaf. The eye gauging and deafness cause the woman to have the same case as Helen Keller (or anne frank)
I was inserting my gilligan into my girl's ear and my fingered slipped off her tits and I accidentally poked her eyes out. Then I deafened her with my semen. Boy, I sure Helen Kellered her.
#aids #nigger #jew #slut #buttsex
by salami swame April 18, 2009
When a person gets too piss drunk and talks to others in a bar and doesn't realize that the other person has walked away and continues talking anyway.
John was so blind drunk that he Helen Kellered two babes.
#drunk #blind #helen #keller #piss
by milnor March 12, 2006
this is for gay men. you cum in both his ears and eyes so he is blind and deaf
chris boudion and joseph forasepi are gay and chris fucks him in the ass and pulls out and nuts in his ears and eyes making him like helen keller.
#chris #joe #helen #keller #gay #men
by richard n clay & Jacob & kyle March 31, 2007
Some fake bitch that pretended to be blind and deaf so she could make the x-ray machine and feel cool. wtf.

helen keller is a hoe
#helen keller #fake #hoe #blind #deaf
by chelleandkii September 04, 2008
In the act of finishing during fornication the male sticks both pointer fingers into the female ears, disrupting her hearing while you ejaculate into her eyes making her blind, all while she try to speak but instead the only noises are those of groans.
Friend 1: Dude, smashed my side hoe last night.

Friend 2: Nice man! Anything crazy?

Friend 1: Yeah dude gave her old Helen Keller. Made that bitch go blind and deaf all in one squirt.

Friend 2: Savage.
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by PistolPete212 March 19, 2016
This is when a guys cums in a girls eye then quickly cums in her ears. This blinds her and makes her deaf hence the Helen Keller.
Johnny gave Lucy a Helen Keller last knight. Right now she cannot find her way to the shower to wash the cum off.
#helen #keller #cum #cumshot #angry pirate #blind #deaf #gross #sex
by The realest beast June 09, 2015
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