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"Holy shit!" in German. Sometimes used in English instead of holy shit.
Heilige Scheiße!
by Scheißemann February 04, 2009
"holy shit" in German.
Nevin: "Hey whats going on? Did you finish that 2000 word essay on Ionic bonds?"
John: "No, why?"
Nevin: "It is due tomorrow..."
John: "Heilige Scheiße!"
by Nevin Ferdinand December 07, 2006
Literally "holy shit" in German, most commonly used in an exclamatory manner.
Heilige Scheiße! Did you see that?
by johnnaryry December 14, 2009
Holy Shit
When I recognized my best friend's hypocrisy, the only thing I could say was Heilige Scheisse
by MeHRaN The HellioN September 09, 2008