Old German for hagan = Farm / protection and rihi = rich / powerful. Heike means "mistress of the house."

Heike is a feminine first name, which is awarded occasionally for boys. It is the Low German form of Henrike.

Nameday of Heike is on July 13.

The name is Heike as a little old fashioned, good! and regarded as normal.

Other names related to Heike: Henrike, Heinrike, Heimke, Heinke, Heilke, Eike, Hendrike

Heike was also a common name in the Germanic and East Frisian parts of Europe.
Not to many women are carrying the name Heike
by HeiDel July 31, 2012
Top Definition
Originally comes from the German name Adelheide. Beautiful name describing a person who is noble and cheerful.
Heike ist meine Freundin.
by Heike March 03, 2005
Heike means Rules an estate, German name, male

high spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealist, dreamer
Heike is happier outside the business world, yet still succeeds in this area due to original and unusual approach. Strong intuition, grasps the bigger picture. Loves art, music and beauty of any form. Loyal friend. Enjoys being with people and social environment.
by pixie_light February 05, 2010
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