A fat, bipolar waste of life who spends his days surviving on the money of the taxpayers and watching Power Rangers all day.
Dude, you've changed man. When did you become such a Heffy?
by Dude- January 22, 2008
Top Definition
Short name for Hefeweizen, a type of beer that is brewed with wheat, as opposed to the more common barley. It's unfiltered, cloudy, and kicks the shit out of your common on-tap special. A favorite of beer snobs everywhere.
Slovenly Drunk: "Dude, let's go get a case of Bud Light!"

Sophisticated Beer Snob: "I'll drink that piss when I'm dead. Give me a Heffy or give me death."
by The Motherfuckin' Mailbox September 21, 2007
A world of warcraft god.
Heffy crits you for lots.

Heffy, yeh that guy is cool..

Death Row 4 Lyf -favourite line-
by J.D Knowsalot February 03, 2007
an idiot man with no purpose in life but to annoy and confuse all he comes into contact with using words such as "beeeep"
An example would be a guy running around yelling "Saxon=joke account" over and over
by Anonymous December 31, 2003

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