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Verb: To accedently ruin something permenantly.
Dude, I accedently Hedraed your Haircut!
by MightyMouse89 August 02, 2006
A name of some sort which is strongly being used as an insult to all kinds of people. In some areas of the world it is considered the "H" word because of its vulgarity.
Player 1: haha i owned u so bad ur like pure noob
Player 2: oh ya? well i owned u so bad ur like a HEDRA
Player 3: haha owned!!!!
(Player 1 leaves in shame pondering on those harsh words)
by Crack Monkey August 01, 2006
A revolting creature of the night, no one is sure of its true origin it simply appeared, the hedra does not communicate using words but simple noises, it uses a dilect of ancient cave men, the hedra has a special ability to gain hatred from all living things, it is an abnormal thing that many seem to believe should be killed even though there is only one of its kind it is better of extinct
Human: Hey look theres a hedra
Hedra: grunt
by 3mnm3 August 26, 2006
1) a world used to provoke laughter in even the dullest of people

2) a creature that chases cars, bites people as a sign of affection, and hops and claps when pleasured. (no, hedra is not a species of dog.)
1) person A: i failed my chem test, my grandma died, i have cancer, my car got stolen, and i still got a parking ticket!

person B: umm... HEDRA!

person A: HAHAHA ah thanx man you just made my day

2) HEDRA: arr? *sniff sniff* CAU!! CAU!! its a pooche!! *runs after car... jumps on it... car moves... hedra falls.. someone helps him up... hedra bites him to say 'thanx'.. he then hops and claps for no apparent reason**
by Hedra123 October 24, 2006
Hedra, the smog monster from the Godzilla movie.
Also, Jennifer Jason Leigh's psycho character in the movie Single White Female.
Look out, dude, it's Hedra!
by D'd September 20, 2007
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