A lifestyle that consists of partying
passing out
then partying
then passing out
then going to the next party and partying...

and so on and so forth...
As soon as i finish school it's a life of hedonism for me!
by Keats September 16, 2004
Top Definition
The act of doing everything that is pleasurable to yourself. Also the avoidance of pain.
Hedonism is commonly practiced by the heads of large media corperations.
by Host3ntropy June 11, 2005
Absolute PLEASURE in every sense of the word.
Hedonism should be practiced by all!
by chill August 25, 2004
Hedonism is the only way to live. Most teenagers strive to become hedonists by being lazy and generally doing everything and anything to make them feel good. Hedonism is the way to go.
Being lazy is a start down the path to hedonism...
by Mook April 21, 2005
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