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Christened by Paul, Nick, and Josh of the YouTube series, "Continue?" A Heavy Nova is an "embarrassing, farty, pussy fart." They came up with this term while reviewing the game "Heavy Nova" on the Sega Genesis.
"Mom, I'm sorry that you had to Heavy Nova me out."
by Heavy Nova August 15, 2012
1. A farty pussy fart.
2. A farty pussy fart in which a baby pops out.
Paul: , and that is just what this game is; an embarrassing farty pussy fart.
Nick: Actually in the medical field they call that a 'Heavy Nova'.
by Paul, Nick, and Josh's Servant August 15, 2012
A massive vaginal fart, often times created during the birthing process. This term was first created during an episode of the webseries "CONTINUE?", entitled "Heavy Nova (GEN)."
"Mom, I'm sorry that you had to heavy nova me out."
by nylan8301 August 15, 2012
Pussy farts. Women pretend that child birth is painful, but in reality it is just one long embarrassing pussy fart.

Defined in the web series, "Continue."
"Mom, I'm sorry you had to Heavy Nova me out."
by Albinohat August 15, 2012
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