The most fucking hardcore music ever.

If you don't listen to Heavy Metal, get fucked, die, and burn.
Person #1:Jimmy, im gonna go listen to MetallicA, and start doing some headbanging shit

Person #2: Rock on !! \m/
by Mr. Ownage June 17, 2004
best music ever : awesome guitar bass and drums

DISCLAIMER: LYRICS SHOULDNT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!!!! (except for metallica, disturbed, some slayer, and some other bands)
metallica and slayer r the best bands ever
by metaljunkie November 22, 2003
Heavy music
NOT Disturbed
Metal lives on, punk is dead
by jawshh March 06, 2004
the most fast paced, adreniline exploding, agressive form of rock (or any other music) theres ever been. SLAYER holds the title for greatest gevay metal band ever and always will ecause SLAYER KICKS ASS
tommy twonuts: dude got any heavy metal...
Bil: I got slayer
Tommy:ROCK ON!!!!!!!
by FLINGY June 25, 2003
One guy bangs out power chords on his tuned down guitar while the other who's an awesome lead player does a wicked awesome guitar solo while any old monkey bangs on the drums and a special kind of asshole screams the stupidest shit you've ever head in your life!

A typical metal singer sounds like this:

Picture puking your guts out in the toilet while being raped in the ass with a crowbar or two-by-four or some other painfully blunt instrument.
THAT my friends is heavy metal.
by OMG RAWR<LOL May 08, 2005
An alternate form of expression of the dark/black arts through music.
Judas Priest is awesome Heavy Metal
by Sliptallica February 28, 2005
Basically take hard rock and Mtv-i-fy it(i.e. really homosexualify it) etc.

Start with hard rock like maybe a 10 member band and strip that down to three members (drums,guitar and bass).Then after you've gotten rid of the real singer replace him with some grunting or screeching satanic homosexual.Then dress your band up like they're members of the Kiss Army.Now all you need is the most retarded lyrics ever conceived of.Then make sure that ever member of the band looks femme.Make sure to wear eye makeup,lip-stick and hoop-earrings.

Okay now you've sucked all of the soul from the music and all of the music from it and put 7 of your fellow musicians out of work.You are ready to completely sell out.
Now you are ready to appear on Mtv's headbangers ball.

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