Basically take hard rock and Mtv-i-fy it(i.e. really homosexualify it) etc.

Start with hard rock like maybe a 10 member band and strip that down to three members (drums,guitar and bass).Then after you've gotten rid of the real singer replace him with some grunting or screeching satanic homosexual.Then dress your band up like they're members of the Kiss Army.Now all you need is the most retarded lyrics ever conceived of.Then make sure that ever member of the band looks femme.Make sure to wear eye makeup,lip-stick and hoop-earrings.

Okay now you've sucked all of the soul from the music and all of the music from it and put 7 of your fellow musicians out of work.You are ready to completely sell out.
Now you are ready to appear on Mtv's headbangers ball.
the best god damn music ever! metallica kicks ass!
metallica, acdc, disturbed, korn, led zepplin...
by alyssa December 10, 2003
an overrated type of music whos fans think that the technicality of the music is all that matters and automatically makes the music better than some less technical music
these metalheads also badmouth power chords but don't realise that metal wouldn't even exist if it weren't for power chords
metalhead: "Nirvana and Green Day and Offspring suck because they only use power chords and anybody can do that"
me: "Yeah erm , you do realise that the first metal band Black Sabbath was all power chords , right?
I suppose then that Korn and Slipknot are better than Black Sabbath then,huh? And I suppose a retarded monkey on crack could have written Zep's A Whole Lotta Love too, right?"
punk walks away...
heavy metal fans are sometimes funny with how pigheaded they can be
by meh September 08, 2006
basically now it is just whoever is left from the 80's tryin to make some $$$$ cuz they are a fizzle when it comes to life ( refer to fizzle for def.)
they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck
by spam gewd November 18, 2004
I hate rock and metal and disco and mtv and rap and the government and new metal and pop punk and hollywood.
It's all the devil's music.
by fuckin bitches March 08, 2005
A stiff style of music with no "feel" to it.
Heavy Metal is just another crappy sub-genre which idiots cling to in an attempt to belong to some social group or clique.It's no different than the so-called "punk lifestyle" or people trying to be "indie" or goth or emo or whatever.They all claim to be non-conformists and then conform to some stupid little social group or clique or whatever.Fuckin posers.Music is music and you should listen to whatever music that's good regardless of how it's labeled.
Conforming to some little social group or clique is so stupid because it turns into millions and millions of people thinking that they are "non-conformist" when in reality they are just conformists.Quit trying so hard ya posers,lmao!
by Homer J. Flintstone September 11, 2005
Heavy Metal Music is a bunch of retards attempting to make noise and call it music. They think that screaming into a microphone and playing guitars and drums at the same time passes off as music, obviously they are wrong.

Listeners of heavy metal are usually loners who stick to their own bunch of people and hate everything other people like. People who listen to Heavy Metal are extremely critical and like to criticize everything because they do not like it.

Furthermore, people who listen to Heavy Metal music hate mainstream music because unfortunately their music can't make it to mainstream as it is not music but just random, retarded sounds and screams which have no meaning.

Most Heavy Metal is based on Satan and self harm. They also like to sing about the government and how it is corrupt, but the bands who sing about this do not realise that it is the same government that made them rich.

Heavy Metal is pure evil and should not be regarded as music.

Music is a sound perceived as pleasingly harmonious, Heavy Metal however, is not pleasing nor harmonious, it is the complete opposite.

Normal Person: Err....


Normal Person: Are you trying to be a lion again?

Emo: No i'm singing Heavy Metal.

Normal Person: Oh..ok....i'm just going to leave now
by Isinglikealioncosithinkimcool December 23, 2010

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