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Someone of the female gender who breaks the code of a grenade free america. She does not understand hints and follows you around and seeks the heat and moisture from male genitalia and will not stop following you. Term arose from the Bobcat Forest at Quinnipiac University.
The chicks Ronnie had a 3 way kiss with at b.e.d are Heat Seekers.
by QU Bobcat Forest Representitiv August 31, 2010
When you use hot sauce as lubrication for anal sex.
I'm in the mood for some heat seeker action.
by homo lexicon December 24, 2009
sperm. not just any sperm, sperm that will fight though birth control, the IUD, melt holes in condom, any contraceptive methods used during sexual intercourse.
That man has 5 kids, he must have some heat seekers.
by Thugtastic February 18, 2009
A girl who dates a guy for any ulterior motive. (car, money, house, fame, etc.)
You have a heat seeker on your trail. She knows you'll be successful, so be careful not to let her "wife you down" unless you feel she's sincere. You don't want to buy a toll booth.
by Darian Lowe February 14, 2009
(originated in Chicago)
A large pimple on someones face thats easily noticed that looks like its ready to blow (referenced to a heat seeking missile)
Buddy ass had a fat ass heat seeker on his nose...that muh fucka was pointed right at me ready to launch
by JuanDiazBF May 12, 2010
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