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A person who micromanages the home/apartment thermostat in order to maintain an budget-friendly temperature of 65 degrees or less.
"Baby I'm sorry it's cold here but one of my roommates is a fucking heat nazi. We split the utilities four ways and that's still not enough for him."
by M.O. March 20, 2010
What you call a pair of roommates who don't like to stay in a cold room and therefore put on the heat.

They also prefer to lock the doors to bathrooms because the people who made the doors weren't dumb, or extremely bored when they put them there.

A Heat Nazi is a really peaceful type of roommate who prefers to not be involved in any commotion.

They also believe in cleaning the shower after themselves, regardless of the what's wrong with the drainage.

They are very smart
HELL NO, I'm a Heat Nazi!
by hippidiehop February 01, 2011
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