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When your heart was broken my someone you're madly in love with but you don't feel the pain until well after the date-of-break. You usually feel ok and undepressed for anytime from a day to a week; usually because you try to put on a macho, "I don't need you" facad. Then after the set time your emotions get the best of you and you start to expirence the natural symptoms of heartbreak. Sometimes they could get worse than usual.
Guy 1: Hey man, I heard you and Amanda broke up. You okay?
Guy 2: Yeah dude I'm fine. I didn't need her anyway. She wasn't even all that.

(6 days later)
Guy 1: Hey man look, it's Amanda.
Guy 2: Don't remind me.... *walks away*
Amanda: What's his problem?
Guy 1: Oh he just has heartbreak delay.
by toxinalive July 31, 2010
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