the heartagram was made by the band HIM and is mixture of a heart and a pentagram.the symbol itself means love and hate.Ville Valo made this symbol popular as did american skater Bam Margera who is a very loyal fan of the group.
the heartagram is a tattoo on ville valo.
by Random April 09, 2004
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Usually seen on Viva La Bam, the heartagram was NOT created by Bam. He simply displays it to show his love for the band, HIM. Ville Valo, lead singer of the Finnish band, created the heartagram. Like everyone else says, the heartagram is a combination of a heart and pentagram, hence the name, HEARTAGRAM. To all of you dumbasses that think it's a heart and triangle, if it were, it would be called a heartangle. The heartagram represents love and hate.
I can't think of an example right now!
by Courtney May 25, 2004
Ville Valo (lead singer for HIM) thought of this symbol for him band. It is a combination of a pentagram and and a heart. The pentagram resembles death and/or evil. The heart stands for love and/or good. Ville describes it as a kind of yin-yang. Which is a common theme with the bands names of their albums.
The heartagram shows the relationship between love and hate/death.
by Layne LoMaglio March 28, 2004
a Symbol which repersents Heaven and hell, light and darkness, love and hate etc. some people mistake it as a satanist symbol, but it is not.
HIM has the HEARTAGRAM on there XD
by wind scar April 13, 2005
a combination of a heart and pentagram. not a heart with a triangle u blind morons. its used by bam margera, but he didnt invent it. the inventor of this unique sign is the one and only Ville Valo from the greatest band HIM the heartagram means love/hate, heaven/hell, good/bad, like yin and yang, as ville said. heartagram is HIM's logo and can be seen in all their cd's. oh and a lot of ppl say bam is jacking it but naw...he's using it to show his love for the band and so others can listen. ville and bam are real close friends. am i gonna show a freakin example? heartagram.
by Merriam January 09, 2005
The heartagram was invented by Ville Valo of of the band HIM. The symbol is a combination of the pentagram and a heart. The hearagram is the symbol of the band and the music that it plays: love metal. Love metal is what it is about. Death, decay, sorrow, mixed with love and life. It is the trademark of the band.
The heartagram is HIM's logo.
by Towedwart June 03, 2004
Heartagram from the Band HIM
Not Bam margera
It means love metal, life and death good and evil by combining the inverted pentagram, and the heart
Why do you like the heartagram so much are you in love with Bam? Fag.
No i like HIm you rat bastard!
* Proceeds to strangle misunderstander with their own innards*
by Carm and Bucky December 26, 2004
Symbol known to be used by the Finnish band called 'HIM' (His Infernal Majesty). It's a sort of reversed pentagram but just slightly changed into roundings on the top so you see a heart in the middle of it...
Represents a relationship between love and hate, life and death...
It's not worn by pussies like the person upstairs here told you but just a symbol for those who are confused by love (just listen to the lyrics of HIM and get swept away)
=> Beautifull symbol, for a beautifull amazing outstanding touching... mysterious band (what more can I say?!)
The heartagram stands for HIM as a band, as an entity. And for love metal in general!
by Vanilmwë July 26, 2004
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