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1. the mean of torturing high school seniors to the point of death....seriously.

2. the shittiest novel you will EVER read...that is if you ever get past the first two words!


Did you read Heart of Darkness??

the first word....FML HOLY SHIT OMG.....I HAD TO SCREAM THE SECOND WORD OUT because i couldnt handle it!!!

what was the first and second words??

Marlow WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by KB^2INC March 26, 2010
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Brooklyn. The farther you go into the Heart of Darkness, the farther you go into Brooklyn. Brooklyn used to be more of a Heart of Darkness, but its got so gentrified that it's sucky, and not dark anymore. But you can still go deep into the confusion of Brooklyn, into the Heart of Darkness.
Henry: What's up? Where you headed?

Far into the Heart of Darkness.
by Henry FAX! May 23, 2006
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A short story by Joseph Conrad. It's the book that inspired the movie Apocalypse Now and the game Spec Ops: The Line. It explains a man's journey down a river, and the insanity that follows.
"Hey, you ever read 'Heart of Darkness'?"
"Yeah, man. That shit's fucked up. But in a good way"
by Coconut Head's child August 11, 2016
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