An emotion that has no country.
Even though you and I are separated by two continents, our hearts know no country.
by lilith March 09, 2004
an emoticon which is a synonym for love
in asci <3
in Microsoft Messenger (L)
I <3
by boris_badinov August 08, 2003
the stage of a relationship between "like" and "love"
I'm not in love, but I do heart Pierce very much.
by Anabella November 27, 2006
verb meaning to love
I heart cupcakes.
I so heart Paul O'Neill.
by Biffy Law August 13, 2006
a muscle that, even tho it SHUD be strong, is easily broken
that wasn't enuf 4 yu??? jebus, picky picky! no wonder yur sitting at home all alone looking up definitions of the word "heart" (get a brain!!!)
by AzN LeMoN SkIn December 23, 2004
feel passionately for
I heart the ACLU's programs
by Johnny Hart November 11, 2003
what guys like to break
"that guy broke my heart!"
by linda.nina February 09, 2008

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