Used as an exclamation of pathetic endearment. Always said in a pathetic fashion.
A wide receiver drops the ball and pouts. A fan exclaims "Heart" as a sympathetic term of endearment.
by ChutishChutia December 15, 2009
1. Something your true love breaks, or keeps. It's all up to them.
2. The thing inside you that holds your feelings for a certain person.
"Billy just stole my heart. I think i love him."
by Rachel March 25, 2005
A stupid way to say that you love or like someone.
It seems like no one understands that the heart is only the organ in your body that pumps blood. And the organ which stores your feelings is your brain...
What is badly said -> "You'll stay in my heart forever <3"
What should be said -> "You'll forever stay in my brain"
by Hajiko December 23, 2006
A term of endearment
I would do anything for him, he is my HEART!!
by NC Whistle August 21, 2003
Used by nerds and Koreans to display affection.
I <3 you! ^_^_^_^ KEKeKEKE!
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
a form of affection usually performed when completely off your face and just received a sip (skull) of someones drink. done with hands in a heart position in the persons face.
Drunky: oooh whats that!?
sober driver: a cruiser...
Drunky: can i pleeeeease have a sip?
sober driver: sure
Drunky: thank you sooooo much! i love you! HEARTS!
by chickensluvpie February 07, 2009
An emotion that has no country.
Even though you and I are separated by two continents, our hearts know no country.
by lilith March 09, 2004

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