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The cardiac equivalent of a penile erection. This is often caused by an overabundance of love felt which resulted from an emotional stimuli, rather than a physical stimuli which is often the case with a penile erection.

In other words, your girl (or boy) does something so cute/thoughtful that you feel a surge of swoonfulness, often causing a rush of blood to your chest and an overall feeling of being wooed.

My girlfriend gave me a hockey t-shirt today which gave me such a heart boner.
by LawSchoolNerd October 08, 2008
To be overly joyed and extremely excited...in the chest.
Chi: I just saw the dark knight.

Aadhie: so?

Chi: I...I..I got a Heart-boner!

Aadhie: What the crazy?...What did you get?


Aadhie: dontuuchmee!
by michael chi August 19, 2008
What happens when you dig someone, and it's more than just a physical attraction, it's a boner of the heart.
When J. wrote about how she was ready to fall in love, B. said he got a heartboner because, well, they kinda dig each other.
by monkeepie May 14, 2009