no no no you guys got it all wrong, its basically when a girl is giving a guy head and right when the guy is about to spurt, he turns her to the side and shoots in her ear without warning.
Richard turned Tanya to the side and gave her a hearing aid.
by Ryan October 13, 2004
The sexual act of repeatedly thrusting a penis through the gauge of a female's ear.
"Hey chuck, i can't hear you. Would you mind getting my 'hearing aid'?"

"No problem honey."
by Chucko Okcuhc November 09, 2008
What deaf people use to hear better. Can be used as a sex toy by people such as Jake.
"I guess I just have a thing for girls with hearing aids." -Jake
by AC February 17, 2004
The acting of ejaculating into a person's ear and when finished yelling as loud as possible into their ear.
I gave my girlfriend a hearing aid for her birthday.
by Claybon Johansen November 30, 2008
The hearing aid is when you take your erectiled dick and stick it in ur partners ear and bust a nut in there ear, causing your sperm to hang from there ear. Then u stick a cotton ball in the ear then fart on it till it hardens creating earwaxs. THen just start YELLING at the person.
I totally gave my girl a hearing aid last night.
by Agonzizzle January 04, 2008
Stupid and guillible...
(listens to asshole)
This guy ? Sure has hearing hearing-aids... He listens to assholes....
by Ruv March 19, 2005

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