The hearing aid is when you take your erectiled dick and stick it in ur partners ear and bust a nut in there ear, causing your sperm to hang from there ear. Then u stick a cotton ball in the ear then fart on it till it hardens creating earwaxs. THen just start YELLING at the person.
I totally gave my girl a hearing aid last night.
by Agonzizzle January 04, 2008
Top Definition
Derogatory term for a Bluetooth earpiece worn by anyone over 40 years old in the sad belief that it makes them look cool. Seen from the opposite side, it makes them look like an old person suffering from semile dementia and talking to themselves.
Middle-aged woman apparently talking to herself in park.
Guy: "What's up with grandma over there?"
Girl: "She's on her hearing aid again to her daughter."
by Uncle Des August 21, 2009
What you might get if you have unprotected phone sex.
"What? I can't hear you. Let me turn up my hearing AIDS."
by Jack324 November 02, 2007
What could possibly happen when you have unprotected ear sex.
George: hey man, did you hear about Charlie.

Mayo: No, what happened?

George: He got hearing-AIDS messin around with Gibby. He's such a chowda-head.
by silverlemur February 15, 2007
Hearing AIDS is a disease you get from listening to too many assholes.
"Oh brother, I was out at an Obamacare Rally the other night and I caught Hearing AIDS"
by AriAstor March 19, 2010
When a female is giving you head, you precede to tell her you have AIDS and ejaculate in her ear.
I gave you grandma "hearing AIDS" for her birthday!
by Patrrrrrr October 14, 2008
The act of fornicating with the hole created by a woman's ear spacer.
Man, See that bitch with the hole in her ear? I've gave her a hearingaid.
by Lindsay Forrester March 19, 2009
What happens when you get fucked in the ear.
George: hey man, did you hear about Charlie

Mayo: No, what happened

George: He got hearing-AIDS messin around with Gibby. He's such a chowda-head
by silverlemur February 12, 2007

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