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V. When a male sits on the females shoulders and thrusts the erect penis very hard against the back of the females head and also when the male slides the erect penis all over the top of the girls head.
"He sat on her shoulders, and got to Headfuck her with his erect penis against the back of her head very hard and fast till he came all over the top of her head."
by Headfucker July 10, 2009
11 33
Someone you fancy (or love), who knows you do, and just strings you along and fucks with your head.
Toadie mate, be careful, that girl is a headfuck
by Car-lie October 21, 2007
209 61
A difficult or awkward situation with no obvious correct course of action, literally something which fucks with you head.
"I slept with my girlfriend's identical twin sister without realizing and don't know whether to tell her or not, it's a complete headfuck"
by Henners17 May 06, 2008
209 71
The feeling you get when an idea or concept is beyond your understanding. Also used to describe the idea or concept that causes head-fucking.
"You know that painting by Dali with the elephant with the giraffe legs? That gives me a serious head fuck, man."
by Mr Ben February 10, 2005
88 48
A concept that you can't get your head around so you just sit there and do the verbal & mental equivalent of "?".
Uh? Headfuck!
by w00t April 02, 2004
75 49
The act of fucking someone's head or a blowjob in which the man thrusts his penis in the woman's mouth in an act of fucking her head.
Jimmmy head fucked Jane until she gagged.
by Internet August 28, 2003
94 82
1.Originally quoted from the movie "Beer Fest"...used by the german actor(Ralf Moeller) when the germans confronted the americans about the secret beer fromula.

2.It is a rearrangement from the word "fuckhead".
"How do you like that Head Fuck" - Ralf Moeller
by Neon Knight and Solid Snake April 07, 2007
20 15
A headfuck is a person who spends all hours toying with peoples minds.

This is usually done in practical joke form.
Shit, the police are the door. Oh no, it's just Leon being a headfuck.
by Younghenry May 03, 2005
69 70