A generic term used to describe a person whose gender isn't obviously apparent.

A combination of the English word for male 'he' and the English word for female 'she'.
Saturday Night Live's Pat is a he-she because we don't know if Pat is male or female.
by awildrose November 04, 2010
Top Definition
A gender undefinable person. Could be a man or a woman, or a little of both. Often dressed in nondescript clothing or dressed incredibly flamboyantly with bulges or hair in places they ought not be.
"Look at that...heshe? I can't tell if that motha is a man or a woman, i mean, check out the breasts and the beard!"
by One Sexy Miami Girl October 20, 2004
A person like myself that has both male and female genitals. At birth the doctors didn't know what i was so my parents chose a sex for me. I am now a male. I was born with both ovarian and testicular tissue. You can still see some male and female sexual characteristics though I take hormones.

I am intersex, also known as a 'hermaphrodite' or he-she

by Sonny Vitale. October 14, 2007
A person that can be easily identified as a Human being with either a pair of testicles with a vagina and breast, or a penis with ovaries, or all.
My lord! Look at that heshe over there flapping his dick on a man while he fingers his vagina! That's weird!
by MistahRigoh June 21, 2016
"He-She" is a person born as a male who now is living as a female, frequently the result of sex change surgery, but not always.
Larry was a male for the first 40 years, and then had sex change surgery to become Mary. Mary is a "He-She."
by Whistle Berries September 04, 2011
A slang term for a MTF transsexual, a man who thinks of himself as a woman inside a man's body.
Pigalle in the north of Paris must be the Mecca of the he-she. Hundreds of trannies from all over the world live in that neighborhood.
by bxmuscle January 08, 2011
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