A sneaky punch to the anus of the victim. The he-man is the most straight forward and simple of the anus punches.
I just gave Sam a he-man.
by Yeti Elder March 22, 2007
Hormonal eruption mainly affecting normals.
She's having a right heman!
by ktkitten June 24, 2011
Right before reaching climax the man pulls out and comes all over his partner's face and say's "I HAVE TEH POWER !! (HE-MAN) and penis slaps her a few times.
I pulled out while my bitch was giving me head, came on her face and held the back of her neck and penis slapped her a few times and said "I HAVE THE POWER HE-MAN"
by Coolflyer March 24, 2008
It where you grab your dick pull it and yell I have the power of Gary skull
Last week I pull a HE MAN IN CLASS
by lil chir October 15, 2014
Term used by So.Cal drug culture for A rolled joint(weed) dipped in pcp.
My legs were heavy ass fuck aftre we burned that He-man last night.
by Peteyboy310 January 28, 2011
A guy who is selfish and only likes to hang out with his guy friends ignoring his girlfriend.
You never listen to me or care what I'm doing. Why are you being such a He-man? Why don't you go join a "we love everything but girls" club?
by she-man09 August 04, 2009
(v) - used primarily in multi-player videogames; in reference to someone who thinks they can take on the competition by themselves and goes on to do it alone; fighting numerous video game enemies at once; doing many tasks at once
* I need a team effort-if you're a ballhog, take your "he man"-ing tail off the court!

* We could pass this mission and get the bonus if these group members would stop tryin to "he man" the area!

* Im about to go he man this homework; too bad i don't have the sword to do it with...
by mr wordsamillion! November 13, 2005
The very thing that makes a man a man. His Dick.
Fukkin wit an older woman it's already case closed; cause I put my He-Man in the power of grayskull
by Trinide May 14, 2007

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