A sneaky punch to the anus of the victim. The he-man is the most straight forward and simple of the anus punches.
I just gave Sam a he-man.
by Yeti Elder March 22, 2007
Defender of the castle greyskull. Wears no shirt and tight panties.
'hE-mAN' - A man who is to be refered to as 'He'
He-man master of the universe
by G-maximus October 03, 2003
A woman who needs experience. She typically can be found on college campuses staring at darker men and talking via onomatopoeic grunts. Though a very sweet girl, she sometimes comes out with stuff that will make you cry. Sort of a drama queen, living off the drama in other peoples' lives. Also known as Hemoms.
Yo girl, did you see that Hemans?

Yeah! She's going to steal all the hot dark guys from our campus and have some experiences with them!
by Jibby Lowe January 19, 2011
having absolute power and having everyone cower in front of you.
That man over there he ain;t a normal man people say he is heman
by HeGod June 01, 2009
Verb - To perform a feat of great physical strength

Adjective - Powerful or intimidating
That powerlifter He-Manned 900 pounds in the deadlift.

I might be able to He-Man that fridge up the stairs.

That elephant gun is a real He-man shoulder cannon.
by Steve_2 July 13, 2008
Right before ejaculation, the male screams " By the power of Greyskull, I HAVE THE POWER!" and then in little squirts imitate a lighting bolt striking a sword.
Dude, i just totally HE-MAN(ed) my girlfriend last night!
by SMITHY of life January 15, 2011
The act of using the hand from an action figure to make your dick pic look enormous. When taken from the proper angle, it will look as if the action figure hand is yours, and holding up your gigantic penis.
Want to impress her? Send her the He-Man and she'll think you are hung like a horse!
by sureshot007 April 09, 2013
Basically an average Joe in modern america but yet when the door closes he is a vagina destroyer in the good way
Jayce :I am He-man!!!!
Rick: Shut up and head back to work!!!
Jayce: ( to himself)yeah Ima head back to work on your wife!!! She knows who is the vagdestroyer!!!
by Guy92 March 30, 2010

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