It refers to that which is not a real person. The finest of all Creighton dwellers. Although IT is not a real person, it teases men greatly. One commonly encounters it basking in the sails of Abricrombie and Fitch, listening to John Mayer, buying hummus, not getting in violent activities, or sporting a sunhat at a Jason Mraz concert. It's interests includes organic foods, white objects, organic foods, Boulder, lattes, and the Beatles.
Mike: dude I just saw HBT again.
Pud: no way, where did you see that thing?

HBT: Jessica! I was freshening up my wardrobe at Banana Republic. 80 thread count cotton tank tops were on sale. I needed to modernize my knickerbockers and later get a fresh garden salad.
by pudslapp48 December 06, 2010
Top Definition
How About That... When Lazy People Dont feel Like writing How About That
Girl #1:Hey my Hair IS Longer than yours Hbt...
Girl#2: What do That Mean?
Girl 1: How About That Duhhh..
GIrl 2: Now I understand thank you
by Starburst2009 July 31, 2009
Hos be trippin'
Used In reference to a group of females or single female who will not allow a situation to be resolved easily.
All these hbt, larger than normal D.
by Larger than normal "d" December 09, 2004
how bout that shit.
person 1: omg it's raining so hard that i can't drive.

person 2: hbts.
person 1: im hungry but i don't feel like gettin up

person 2: well your just going to be hungry

person 3: hbts!
by ur motha123 August 15, 2010
Holy Bible Trivia
Play HBT's Bible trivia question of the day.
by Good Steward April 06, 2009
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