a way to express extreme excitment
Hazzah! I got a pogo stick for my birthday!!
by biatch April 09, 2004
Top Definition
the word that binds two gentleman to a gentleman's agreement, used in the phrase "A gentleman's agreement, hazzah!" Most often used for casual and not so casual bets and other agreements.
Person A: I'll bet you can't hook up with that girl by midnight.
Person B: You are on, name your wager.
Person A: Slap bet!
Person B: Oh it's on
Both while shaking hands: A gentleman's agreement, hazzah!
by woosah92 June 22, 2009
An expression of agreement with, or excitement over a stated remark or occurrence. It is believed to originated in the 15th or sooner and is commonly used today as an expression, such as "damn", "Amen", "Hooray" or "Hell Ya" .
"Three Cheers for the King, HAZZAH! HAZZAH! HAZZAH!

"...and the kingdom shall be ours ~ HAZZAH!"

"You said what to that fool?! HAZZAH !!"
by LiquidShadows71 July 06, 2011
When you are so damn alert you need to use uncommon words to show excitement.
Jake: Ah yes for that is an excellent idea , hazzah!
by WegmansWater May 08, 2015
Popular phrase used at gaiaonline.com

Often used as a way to rejoice.
I won!!! HAZZAH!!!
by I <3 Piess July 21, 2008
a word, once coming from space nerds, in which is used as an expression of happiness. faamiliar to the usuage of the word 'hoorah' or 'hooray'

it is now, world wide famous.
emily: 'hey i read this book the other day'
celia: "yes i read it too, who here liked it!?'
renee: " i do i do! HAZZAH :@!'


crysta: ' dude, i won the lottery the other day'
everyone: 'hazzah bru'

by randelliot_x September 05, 2009
The nerd used by space nerds when over excited and coud not think of a more rejoicful word to use.
Renee: I Just Got Laid Last Night
Crysta: Did You Use A Condom?
Renee: No, I Didnt :|
Crysta: Are You Preggers?
Renee: I. I Dont Know :|
Emily: Hazzah :)\


Celia: My Mum Is Making Me Wear Tights Again :(
Emily: Hazzah :)
by Physco_Killa September 07, 2009
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