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Hazga is a word that was invented by people who needed a new word to define everything that is random, the word has no real meaning and is defined by the person using it.

The word is very similar to the word "Spunk" invented by Pippi Longstocking when she needed a new word to express her dismay. For those people that are unaware of who she is: She is a girl in a swedish childrens tale written by Astrid Lindgren, a famous writer of swedish childrens tales.

This often causes other people to rage over the fact that they cannot comprehend what is being said. And it should, I mean why would'nt it bother someone when other people are using a word that they know nothing of, see more in the "Example" window below.

Verb conjugation:
Present: Hazging

Past: Hazged

Future: Hazga

Perfect: Hazged
Pluperfect: Hazged
Future perfect: Hazga
Everything feels so hazged today. (Used as a word to express the feeling of being sick of the day)

My mind is completely hazged. (used to express that the one talking is crazy in a funny manner)

I am going to hazg you up (Used here to mean anything from physically hit someone or simply just to annoy someone)

HAZGAAA! (used to express either anger or something that is very good and makes the person happy)

You guys are completely Hazged! (Used to describe that someone is boring)
by The Child Of Satan October 30, 2012
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