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The spot located in The Matty-O, CA. You can find three insane crazy cool chicks who live there with two doggies, Wiley and Kona. The Hazey House also has a bar, open 24/7. A hookah lounge in the lower room, an official beer pong table in the garage, two beer bong stations located outside, many designated smoking areas. Most of all, there are plenty of smoking paraphernalia that leaves the entire house HAZEY with green clouds, EVERY SINGLE DAY! So if you think the Hazey House is the place for you, slide through! We have our beds and our curtains ;)
"Heyyy, arn't you the girls who have the mechanical chair/ stair lift at your house??"

WTF!!! "Hahaha, yeeeeah fool... we got everything at the Hazey House!"
by Dazey Dosha February 19, 2010