Cockney rhyming slang for a vaginal smears test.

Hazel Blears is the annoying ginger dwarf who is the Labour Party Parrot MP for Salford, UK.
"Hey Vera, can't chat now as I am off to get me Hazel Blears done. I will be back in an hour!"
by Liam Billington March 16, 2008

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Present Chair of the British Labour party, or perhaps more accurately DAUGHTER OF SATAN! Overt fascist, will probably defect to the BNP if she doesn't get to be DPM (which she won't... or I shall emigrate) Either that or she'll get Robert Mugabe to leave his wife and they'll elope to somewhere in the bible belt.
Whose that coming out of Tricky Dickys? -Why it's Hazel Blears! -She probably goes there Tuesday nights too (and makes it past security)...
Hazel had a dilemma: The background colouring on her pol-pot poster didn't go next to Idi Amin, but she couldn't fit it in her 'Hitler Shrine'. The bust of Dick Cheney took up far too much room...
by Person??? March 04, 2007

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