The best headbanger in the world. I mean seriously, she needs a trophy! She is so amazing and I love her to pieces. She's the singer out of a band called Paramore (My favourite band!) and she is forever changing her hair colour. At the moment it is currently Red but she has had it; Blonde, Orange, Ginger, Pink, Black, Yellow, Brown, Auburn and she has also had abit of blue in with her blonde hair before. Personally, she is my idol. I love her to bits and if I wasn't straight and she wasn't straight, then yeah, I'd marry her :D. I think if I was to actually meet her, then I would die!
1: Have you seen the girl singer out of Paramore?
2: Is she the one with the orange hair?
1: Yeah, She headbangs alot too, She's amazing at it
2: I agree, I'm suprised she doesn't get a bad neck.

1: Have you seen Hayley's new hair colour?
2: Yeah, It's pink right?
1: No, It's red!
2: Oh, She dyed it again then!

1: Have you seen that awesome girl from Paramore?
2: Hayley Williams?
1: Yeah
2: Duh, everyones seen her, She's just amazing.
1: I'd so turn bi-sexual for her
2: I think everybody would!
by KEMM2011 May 04, 2011
Top Definition
Lead singer of paramore, very tiny cute redhead

Probably the most stalked and obsessed about girl in rock and roll at the moment, with a seriously scary amount of emo boys and girls lusting over her at every show
The Fresh - Dude I totally got a picture of me and Hayley Williams last night?
Butcho - Cool! wait, why is she running away?
by The Fresh June 13, 2007
Hayley Williams is the lead singer of Paramore, a Pop Punk band from Franklin, Tennessee. She was the first girl to ever appear of the cover of kerrang! Dude! She is know for her ever-changing hairstyles, which 'Hayley-Wannabee' can't keep up with. Don't get me wrong she is a great girl to look up and be your role model though.

Fast facts
She was born on December 27, 1988
First lived in Mississippi Until Moved to Tennessee
Has amazing dress sense
Big N'sync Fan
Is a Christian
Middle name is Nicole
Get called spongebob because of her gap in her two tront teeth
Real Hair Colour Brunette (Pf.Com Interview)
Sometimes can't write material for the band due to homesickness....Aww!
Big buddys with New Found Glory (met them on Warped Tour)
Girl 1 - "Omgawd! Hayley Williams Is So Unique!"
Girl 2 - "Omgawd! I'd Do Her If I Wasn't Straight!" =]
by JaffaJaffaJaffa January 03, 2008
Hayley Williams is the kick-ass singer for the pop/punk band, Paramore. She's pretty short but has an amazing voice and is VERY hot.
Dude 1: Woohoo Paramore is awesome!
Me: Woohoo Paramore is awesome!
Dude 1:Hayley Williams is kinda hot...
Me:Hayley, FUCK ME!
by Aliens Exist April 23, 2008
Hayley Williams is the lead singer singer of the band Paramore.

After moving to Franklin, Tennesee when she was young, Williams met Josh Farro (lead guitar) and Zac Farro (drums), who, at the time, already had their own band. She later met Jeremy Davis (bass) while singing in a funk cover band. They later came together to form Paramore.

Williams is known for her vibrant, red hair and spunk. She is adored by many teenage boys (And girls) across the country.

Guy 1: I touched Hayley Williams' hand last night at the P-more concert!

Girl 2: Oh, God, I love her! SO sexy.

Guy 1: ...
by Terryn Gladoh August 17, 2008
the talented singer of paramore, who for SOME reason, doesn't have an entry yet. wtf urban dictionary ?
she is awesomeness. & gorgeous.
1: did you see hayley williams at that show last night
by hayley<3 June 28, 2006
Shes really hottttttttt and she is the frontperson in a band called paramore
person: zomg do you know who hayley williams is?
me: omfg i was waiting for u to ask me doh lol shes only like the best person alive
Three words:
Hayley williams is one of the coolest girls in the entire universe and if you don't think so you can go die in a whole filled with sharks!
Anna- " Have you listened to paramore"
Joy-" Yeah, that hayley williams girl is Beast!"
Anna-" She's not just beast, she's EPIC"
by ParamoreLuva94 March 25, 2011
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