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An amazing girl...very beautiful(:
comes up with the weirdest words && is super duper funny!!(: YOU HAVE TO LOVE HER...she doesnt take anyones chizz:D...She is weird && random but she dont care what you think of her...iLoversHer
random dude:Dude Hayleigh juss pierced her own lip!!
me:umm ya she does that(:

guy:you are super weird
hayleigh:dang right nikka
by RedRippedSkinnyJeans August 07, 2011
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A beautiful girl with a wonderful heart. A smile that shines as bright as a star, and can make anyone smile too. She doesn't think of herself as being beautiful, but to everyone around her she is. She's loved by her friends, but has trouble with guys as most girls do. She's shy, but when you get to know her, she opens up to you in the most wonderful way. A girl everyone needs to know. Hayleigh(:
That girl is so nice, she must be a Hayleigh!
by iximaginary January 09, 2010
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A gorgeous girl who can be a little short when it comes to height but her heart is so big, it makes up for her height :) Her smile brightens your day, and she would do anything to cheer you up.

She doesn't realize how special she really is, but everyone else can see it :) She has an obsession with teenage boys who appear on British reality shows. Her best friend is usually a 'Chloe'. I love her very much <3
Hayleigh: EEEEEH!It's Ronan Parke! Can you take a photo while I hug him in the hoodie he signed for me?
Chloe: Yeah, sure, of course I will

Hayleigh: One Direction are soooo cute! I love Harry Styles, he's the definition of gorgeous!
Joe: YOU'RE the definition of gorgeous
by ChloeLovesYou September 25, 2011
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An obnoxious way to spell the name Hailey or Haley, used exclusively by white people who think they are clever.
I am white and I think Hayleigh is a funny name. Seriously, take another look at it. It looks like a Welsh nonsense phrase folks.
by downwithopp December 13, 2012
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