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Generally the initials of the person is attached to the end. Ex: Haygfysbl pronounced hayfysbee'ell. The term was coined in North Dakota by oilfield workers in 2012. Used generally when a superior who is incompetent is trying to act like they know what is going on, when in fact they don't have a clue. It is also used for retards in general.
Bob Lee Field Supervisor: Lets pump more nitrogen through the coil, it will increase its buoyancy and we can get deeper.
Hand: Bob Lee can haygfys, or simply Haygfysbl.

Tool Hand: Hey guys good news. We are getting 15% oil back and crude cuts paraffin.
Hand: Crude makes paraffin bruh. So you can haygfys.
by Don Murderface May 28, 2012
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