The best looking and most powerful super sport gsx-r produced by Suzuki. Kawasaki has tried to keep up by releasing a Shrek-like boat on 2 wheels, but the Hayabusa remains the sickest bike on the road. A couple add-ons and this bike is for only an advanced rider. Some have gone as far as adding a turbo to this demon. It's truly a highway monster.
People are always breakin their necks checkin me out when I'm poppin it up on my Hayabusa :]
by DANTHEMUFFINMAN October 16, 2009
Halo 3 multiplayer armor that is gained by obtaining all the skulls. Usually considered to be the hardest armor to get in the game.
Dudeman, that Wilshire2192 guy is so 1337, he has the Hayabusa armor.
by 1337enant November 06, 2007
Aparently the only sportbike in production, according to people who know nothing about sportbikes but like to think they do. The second fastest production sportbike on earth, next to the Kawasaki ZX14. People who only know about this bike probably think Biker Boyz was good, and Torque was realistic
Guy1: What bike would you get if you could have any bike?
Guy 2: Probably the new GSXR 1000
Guy 1: Why wouldnt you just get a Hayabusa isnt it like the best bike ever?
Guy 2: Uhhh yeah sure y not (you dumbass)
by Herb Gregg April 23, 2007
The Now SECOND Fastest production street bike behind the 2007 Kawasaki ZX14 (1352 CC's), With 1299 CC's the hayabusa bike is stupidly to powerful and its now not even the most powerful!
damn did you see that hayabusa get spanked by that zx14, yeh that was sick
by CBR1000RR January 04, 2007

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