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1. A person who has a very strong attraction to the Pokemon Vulpix. This fixation is so strong that the said person will engage in cybersex with an individual casting the title of said Pokemon, regardless of actual gender. Will deny any confrontation of said interaction, even when evidence such as screenshots, logs, and witnesses are present.

2. A person who, when confronted by a situation that they cannot handle, will resort to babbling incoherantly and irrelevantly, calling backup to their defense, typing in foreign language, swearing, repetition, use of the phrase "Stop contradicting yourself" out of context, banning from any electronic forum/server in which they own, or spamming. Said person cannot hold their own in acrimonious dispute, and will always resort to the tactics above as a security blanket to avoid further humiliation.

3. A person who dislikes the word Vixen.
21:13:46 *** Wolf Fur Vixen giiggles as she feels Haxon's rather warm hands near her rear end "hey stop that" she laughed
21:13:50 *** Haxon continues his hand treatment and probes at her little pussy with one finger and strokes one of her six tails with one of his hands
21:13:54 Soviet Kioku: Whoah, what the fuck.
21:13:59 Soviet Kioku: I sure know when to join at the right time.
21:14:07 Soviet Kioku: First off, I'm pretty sure that Vixen guy isn't a girl. Second, take your cyber sex bullshit to PM.
21:14:15 Haxon: lol what makes you think you can tell me what to do
21:14:19 *** Wolf Fur Vixen is a girl -_-
21:14:22 Soviet Kioku: I just told you what to do, fatty. Go back to cybering with your fake internet girlfriend.
21:14:26 Wolf Fur Vixen: next thing you know he's probably going to start furbashing like he did to Lycos lol
21:14:32 Soviet Kioku: "furbashing"?
21:14:38 Haxon: Don't worry babe. I won't let him hurt you at all.
21:14:46 Soviet Kioku: Okay, no more out of you, fag. Seriously. No more out of the fake girl furry, either.
21:14:50 Haxon: lol
21:15:02 Haxon: I'll show you what happens when you start picking on me and my girl
21:15:06 Haxon: ;)
21:15:08 Admin Haxon has kicked Soviet Kioku

-Couple days later-

Haxon: lol that never happened. You guys faked that log, paid those paid to lie, and Photoshopped that screenshot. :\

Person: You're an idiot. Nothing you say makes any sense.
Haxon: lol stop contradicting yourself. :\
Person: Er...what?
Haxon: I already won this flame war two years ago, due to you contradicting yourself. you must be a wombatian. :\
Person: The hell are you talking about?
Haxon: lol wombatian get new shit
Person: I'm surprised you know which way is up, with your nonsense. Did Vixen throw you into a loop?
Haxon: omg Rix halp! im in over my head! ;o
Rix: (irrelevant whining) leave haxon alone!!!!

Haxon: Naruto's probably the best show on television right now.
Person: Vixen.
Haxon: omg Rix halp!
by Lumine April 13, 2008
A person who is overly emotional about nothing. Especially over losing over the internet. They often make excuses for their loss, or for whatever they did.
Jedil has beaten Haxon.
Jedil is done battling.
Haxon is done battling.
Jedil is away.
Haxon has tempbanned Jedil for 1440 minutes.
Haxon has banned Jedil.
Haxon has banned Jedil.
Jedil signed off.
by -DN- October 11, 2007
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