to get hawked is to smoke weed.

to be hawked is to be extremely high.

if you are smoking with more than one person then "the hawk" is a term used to describe the highest person in the group.
"dude lets get hawked tonight!"

"bailey can't stop laughing, she's the hawk of the group."
by yoursweetestdownfall March 03, 2009
Top Definition
to be overtaken or surpassed
My youtube video just hawked yours in views.

During the race that guy hawked you for the win.
by Noodle7 January 12, 2009
Verb: to be overtaken by someone with greater speed than you in a very swift and quick fashion.
John gets hawked by 5th graders on the reg.
by Lolcatz Incorporated September 13, 2011
When playing Call of Duty, you kill an enemy by hitting him with a stun grenade, rendering him as useful on the battlefield as Stephen Hawking.
John: Dude, I just killed that guy by hitting him with a stun grenade.

Henry: He just got Hawked!
by walrus 789 June 06, 2010
to be watched.
feeling as if someone is watching you
the act of being owned on any of the tony hawk pro skater games
see also hawk, hawking
i totally hawked him while playing tony hawks underground (T.H.U.G.)

dude, im feeling hawked. is anyone watching me?
by michael david lamb December 03, 2006
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