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An uber cool name who is an awesome gamer, leader, and overall person.

Also means destruction.
It caused Havoc among the city and people living there.
by Havoc April 25, 2005
32 75
Amarpreet Nanda is havoc.
by alibaba April 03, 2003
385 212
Widespread destruction; confusion.
The men wreak havoc on a regular basis.
119 63
One half of the Mobb Deep hip hop duo. Quite possibly one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time as well. Known for some gritty beats and meeting Prodigy by means of robbing him at gun point in Queens.
Havoc is among hip hop's greatest stars even though he is largely underrated.
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
73 59
Heroes And Villains Operating Covertly
That super group is named Project H.A.V.O.C!
by Crimson Skyz August 28, 2009
6 1
n. disruptive destruction and one of the few things that can be "wreaked"; often seen at riots and Profunda Rosa punk concerts.
Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war, after putting on your havoc scarf or other suitable face covering so you won't bear any responsibility for your actions.
by gnostic1 August 12, 2011
23 20
Heroes Against Villains in Organized Crime
That super group is named Project H.A.V.O.C!
by Crimson Skyz February 01, 2009
3 4