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Home to Haverford High School, Super-wawa, and the amazing cenzos (pronounced "chen-zoes", not "sen-zoes"). Recreational drug use is the norm, and everyone knows that Varsity is where to get your alcohol.
Whether your trying to squeeze through the mass of pre-teen hoes and drunken high-schoolers to get into Superwawa, or enjoying a blunt at the Skatium (right next to the police station) , you are guareenteed a good time.
In Havertown, PA you can never be too old to enjoy the St. Denis fair.
by James St. James November 12, 2006
A suburb of Philadelphia where kids are privleged with a good school district, and a nice place to live. However, there are tons of posers. Kids try to act gangsta wearing baggy clothes and sideways hats. The girls try to be slutty, and the police are Assholes.
havertown Havertown, PA
by Dave WCA July 25, 2009
A place everyone is trying to leave.
"We're from Havertown, PA,
and we want to move."
by skellz023 January 28, 2009
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