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Gayest school in america for many reasons
-pride themselves on being meatheads but are pussies
-think they're awesome because they get with beat radnor girls
-always travel in packs so they don't get jumped because they are pussies
-Only thing that they are somewhat good at is lacrosse which they are still overrated at
-They go to a school that is all guys all the time (guess their into that sort of thing)
-And probably the gayest they were shorts with their shirt and ties which may just be the pussiest, most homosexual, preppiest and thing ever


-enough said
haverford school guy 1"yooo bro you wanna go rip twine with me?"
guy 2 "of course dude, but hey first let's go get with some totally beat radnor, stoga, and irwins chicks so we can feel good about ourselves bro"
guy 1 "aha dude for sure bro"
guy 2 " yeah dude we are soo awesome"
guy 1 " I know right, maybe just you and I can chil tonight you know...alone"
guy 2 "sounds good to me bra. we do go to an all boys school after all"
by Big Hearts, Remarkable Boys May 09, 2009
Actual conversation among Haverford guys:
Guy 1: "What's that thing with the cameras? Like with the pictures on it and like..."
Others: "Uhhhhhhh..."
EA Girl: "A negative."
All Haverford Guys: "Ohhh yeah negative!" (High Fives All Around)
Guy 2: "Yooo, when I was in school, it took like 1 second to think of words, and now it takes like... 5 seconds."
All: "Yeahhhh" (More High Fives)
Hasn't that guy been in high school for like 6 years?
Yeah, he goes to The Haverford School.
by Proud Parent September 20, 2005
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