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A name for any person originally used in the old west.
Back up haus you all up in my grill
by Kevin hodge November 19, 2003
92 141
slang for a penis
suck my haus.
by nikXD April 19, 2010
30 111
someone who is cocky, big and strong
mickey is gay!
by johnny June 01, 2004
124 205
one who is unstoppably awesome in all aspects of life, and preferably attends John Burroughs School
Some guy: Man, I wish I went to Burroughs.
Other guy: Yeah, those guys are such hauses.
by jds312 January 14, 2008
63 145
Racial term for a tourist.
Disneyland is haus ville
"Where can I get away from all the hauses?", He said to the ranger.
by Sean McCabe May 18, 2006
9 100
Someone who is up your ass about something that is not a big deal.
Damn, work would be cooler if my boss wasn't such a haus all the time.
by Brad shank July 06, 2006
26 126